Aluminum Fixed Window

Product Details


* Good insulation: plastic composite profiles of plastic low thermal conductivity, excellent heat insulation effect than ordinary aluminum 1250 times, coupled with good air tightness, in cold regions despite tens of degrees below zero outside, but indoors It is another world.

* Sound good: its structure was designed seams tight, test results, noise 30db, comply with the relevant standards.

* Impact: Because the outer surface of plastic composite profiles of aluminum alloy, it is stronger than the impact resistance of PVC window profiles.

* The air tightness: aluminum composite windows are installed at the aperture multi-channel sealing tops or tape, tightness of level, can take advantage of air conditioning should pay and save 50% energy.

* Watertight good: water proof windows and doors designed structure, completely cut off in the rain outside, watertight in line with national standards.

* Fire is good: Aluminum is a metal material, not burn.

* The security is good: aluminum composite windows, hardware accessories and advanced configuration excellent decorative locks so that thieves do nothing.

* Maintenance: plastic composite profiles are less vulnerable to acid erosion, will not turn yellow fade, almost no maintenance. When dirty, with water plus detergent scrub, clean as ever after cleaning.

* Best Design: aluminum composite windows are scientifically designed, using reasonable energy profile, and therefore recognition and praise the national authorities, can add luster to the building.

Superior performance:

* Color variety, complete specifications, according to international color standard production 200 different colors of aluminum, nice, very upscale European-style building atmosphere.

* Corrosion resistance and good resistance to salt spray performance is especially good.

* Weather performance, the coating can be kept for more than 30 years without chalking, loss of gloss and discoloration rate reached at least level.

* Good wear resistance, hardness greater than 2h.

* Anti-corrosion mortar, easy construction.

* Coating with good adhesion, profile bending, the coating does not crack, for a variety of shapes modeling and processing.

* Greasy substance easy to attach, easy to clean scrub.

* Use the production of high-quality aluminum ingot, the intrinsic quality of pure and stable.