Aluminum Sliding Window

Product Details


* Material: aluminum frame + normal glass

aluminum frame + low E glass

* Color: As per customer

* Wind resistance: 3000Pa

* Size: customizable

* Opening type: sliding

* Packaging details: shipping standard

* MOQ: 5 pieces


Simple, elegant, large window frames, glass block large, vision, lighting rate, clean convenient, flexible, safe and reliable, long life, open in a plane, take up less space, ease of installation screens. Currently the most used is the sliding window. 

Sliding Window: left and right, up and down sliding two kinds. 

There are advantages of sliding window does not occupy the interior space, the appearance of beautiful, affordable, sealing well. High-grade slide, gently push, open and flexible. 

Coupled with chunks of glass, both to increase the indoor lighting, and improve the overall appearance of the building. Force sash good state, not damaged, but the ventilation area subject to certain restrictions.