China Color Steel Casement Window Factory

Product Details


* Profile: color steel frame

* Profile thickness: 1.2mm-2.0mm, customized

* Surface finishing: Powder coating,anodized, Fluorocarbon paint.

* Color: Champagne, brown, bronze,white, silver, wood grain, RAL color.

* Window Glass Option: Clear,tinted,Low-E, tempered, insulated, reflective, frosted, fireproof, laminated,fireproof, smart glass etc.

* Thickness:4,5,6,8mm,5mm-9A-5mm, 6mm-9A-6mm, triple glazing.

* Seal: Rubber sealing strip, black or grey color

* Applications: Office, apartment, villa, basement, garden, hotel, hospital, house


Color steel windows

* Color steel windows of raw materials are color galvanized steel, so the color steel doors and windows with high strength and good corrosion resistance.

Good physical properties of color steel windows

* Color steel windows while testing its three physical properties, its air-tightness of up to grade Ⅰ ~ Ⅱ, watertight up to grade Ⅲ, strength generally up to grade Ⅰ. Color steel doors and windows so the intensity is high, for 30 floors of its rigidity without problems.

Color steel windows are long life

* Color steel doors and windows with color plates produced from the raw materials, has a strong weather resistance. Color steel doors and windows installed on the building and the building is generally equal life.

Good sealing performance

* Namely its air permeability airtight reach level Ⅰ, its air permeability value ≤0.5m3 / (mh).

Color windows decorative good

* Color steel doors and windows with gorgeous rich colors, color-coated steel as raw materials, color plate window color is diverse, generally brown, white, blue, green beans, orange-red. Color steel doors and windows and buildings match the overall effect is good.