Closed Load-bearing Floor Plates

Product Details


* Thickness: 0.8mm /1.0mm /1.2mm

* Length: as customer's requirements

* Base Material: galvanized steel sheet   

* Width: 688mm,720mm,750mm,760mm

* Technique: Hot Dipped Galvanized

* Tolerance thickness: +/- 0.02mm ; width: +/-2mm 

* Shape: corrugated sheet

* Height: 51mm-76mm

* Certificate: ISO 9001

* Package: standard export package

* Color: natural color/ silver

* Application: Floor

* Surface Treatment: Galvanized


* Rapid construction of steel structures to adapt to the requirements of the body, providing a firm operating platform in a short time, and can use multiple floors laying steel sheeting, water pouring layered construction of concrete panels.

* Use stage floor boards as concrete slab tensile reinforcement, but also improve the rigidity of the floor, saving the amount of steel and concrete.

* The pressure plate embossed surface make concrete between the floor boards and the greatest binding force, so that the two form a whole, with stiffening ribs to make floor plate system with high-strength bearing capacity.

* In the boom conditions, the floor boards only as permanent formwork. The length of the cantilevered section properties may vary depending on the floor boards to be. To prevent cracking cantilevered plate at the support required in accordance with structural engineers design coupled with negative reinforcement.

Model Specifications:

* A combination of floor pressure plate should be made of galvanized steel sheet zinc coating thickness shall also meet in the use of time without rust damage requirements.

* Pouring concrete wave groove average width of not less than 50mm. When the tank is set stud connectors, composite slab should not exceed a total height of 80mm.

* A combination of plate thickness of not less than 90mm; pressure plate above the top surface of the mixed Jodo thickness not less than 50mm.

* Anchor requirement: combination plate ends should be set stud anchor. Peg should be set at the end of the pressure plate bearing concave ribs at penetrating the pressure plate and peg are weld on steel girder.