Cold Storage

Product Details

cold storage,cold room price, cold room for fish/fruit

1. Temperature: -45~ +20'C

2. Size: Customization.

3. ISO9001,CE,Turnkey projects.

4. Components: Condensing unit, evaporator,Modular insulation PU panel, CAM hook,cold room door

5. Functions: freshkeeping storage for food refrigeration, industry refrigeration, fresh preservation of fruits and vegetables, large supermarket, cold storage of hotels ect.

6. Compressor brand: Bitzer,Emerson copeland,Danfoss,Tecumseh4.ISO9001,CE,Turnkey projects.

7. Easy installation,economical and energy saving,environmental friendly,reliable quality,high efficiency,professional service

8. Refrigerant:R22,R404A,Glycol secondary refrigerant

9. Defrost type: Electric defrosting,water defrosting

10. Excellent quality ,Dependable performance,Easy installation,Economical and Energy saving,Environmental friendly,Reliable quality,Professional service.

Room temperature for your reference:

Store goods

Temperature range

Processing room


fruit, vegetable, dry food


medicine, cake, pastry, chemical material


ice storage room


fish, meat storage


deep freezer


Refrigeration units

Condensing unit type

Side wind,top wind,V box type,V one printer,common type and so on.

Compressor type

Scoll,screw and piston

Condenser type

Flat flow type,V type up flow,W type up flow and so on


R22.,R404A and so on

Other accessories

accumulator, voltage-controlled, fuel gauge, filter. wood packaging, junction boxes, wiring and so on.

Air Cooled evaporator used in cold storage, has three types of temperature, one is 0 ‘C, the other is -18 ‘C, another is -25 ‘C, light weight, convenient ,cooling quickly, compact construction, only occupy small space.

1. Iron or aluminum shell, static paint, beautiful and strong corrosion resistance.

2. High efficient fin, add evaporative surface.

3. Copper tube and fin connect close, increase the efficient of heat exchange.

4. Coil diameter is Φ 16 mm,thickness is 0.4 mm, bright copper tube.

5. Bend head welding used silver welding.

6. Axial fan motor, high efficiency, low noise, long life.

7. 2.6 Mpa air pressure test.

8. Carton or plywood package according customers’ request.

DL type cooling capacity: Room temp T= 0 ‘C, fin space is 4.5mm.

DD type cooling capacity: Room temp T= -18 ‘C, fin space is 6mm.

DJ type cooling capacity: Room temp T= -25 ‘C, fin space is 9mm.