Cold Storage Material Insulated PU Sandwich Panel 100mm

Cold Storage Material Insulated PU Sandwich Panel 100mm
Product Details


u  Length: Customized

u  Effective width Wall panel: 940mm

u  Materials: Color steel sheet  and Polyurethane board(PU)

u  Structure: Upper and lower layer: Color steel sheet     Middle: Polyurethane board

u  Thickness: Color steel sheet: 0.3-0.8mm      Polyurethane board: 50mm 75mm 100mm

u  Polystyrene density: 40kg/m3

u  Conventional color: Red, white, blue, silver.

u  Lifetime: 20~30 years

u  Characteristic: Low cost ,Low weight, heat insulation, retardant, soundproof,  water resistant, environmental ,easy to install

u  Application: Various walls referring to the large size factory buildings, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums etc.     



u  Dark nail connection, surface exposed screws, graceful building wall.

u  High flexural capacity, excellent mechanical properties of the wall, to reduce dependence on the auxiliary steel structure.

u  Insulation performance, reduce the costs of building the indoor air conditioning unit.

u  A variety of appearance, walls and beautiful.



u  Thermal conductivity, low thermal conductivity of polyurethane sandwich composite panels, good insulation properties, is the best insulation material.

u  Plate appearance, easy installation

u  Polyurethane sandwich panel fire resistance

u  Non-toxic and odorless polyurethane sandwich panels

u  Use a wide temperature range

u  Waterproof, moisture