Color Steel Fixed Window

Product Details

Fixed windows, the glass sealant is installed on the window frame, and not only for lighting the windows open and airy, with good water-tightness and air tightness


* Window Glass Option: Clear,tinted,Low-E,tempered,insulated,reflective,frosted, fireproof, laminated,fireproof, smart glass etc.

* Surface finishing: Powder coating,anodized, Fluorocarbon paint.

* Color: As per customer

* Wind resistance: 3000Pa

* Size: customizable

* Opening type: Fixed

* Packaging details: shipping standard

* MOQ: 30 pieces

* Thickness:4,5,6,8mm,5mm-9A-5mm, 6mm-9A-6mm,triple glazing.

* Applications: Office, apartment, villa,basement, garden, hotel, hospital, house

Detail Information:

Using steel doors and windows, interior heat loss is much less than the outflow doors of other materials, energy-saving insulation effect is very significant. Plastic windows and doors UPVC material, lined with steel keel, extrusion, after cutting, welding, together with the hardware and rubber seal made. Because lined carbon steel keel, and therefore derives its name. Steel doors and windows not only combines the advantages of the previous several doors and windows, and even better. Steel doors and light clean, open and flexible, simple and elegant appearance, anti-aging, high-quality steel doors and can live for more than 15 years. Also steel doors and windows also has a flame retardant, high strength, superior sealing characteristics.