EPS Sandwich Roof Panel

Product Details


* Length: Customized

* Effective width Roof panel: 960mm

* Materials: Color steel sheet and Polystyrene foam board(EPS)

* Structure: Upper and lower layer: Color steel sheet;Middle: foam board

* Thickness: Color steel sheet: 0.3-0.8mm;Polystyrene board: 50mm 75mm 100mm

* Polystyrene density: 10-24kg/m3

* Conventional color: Red, white, blue, silver.

* Lifetime: 15~25 years

* Characteristic: Low cost ,Low weight, heat insulation, retardant, soundproof, water resistant, environmental ,easy to install

* Application: Various roofs referring to the large size factory buildings, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums etc.


★ The quality of light weight per square meter of less than 24kg, can reduce the cost of the structure.

★ Quick installation of light weight, splicing, installation and can be arbitrarily cutting characteristics, determine its installation is simple, can improve efficiency, save the time.

★ Fire, color steel composite plate core surface materials and insulation materials for the non-fuel or burning material, can meet the requirements for fire protection.

★ Refractory, with a special coating color steel plate and the new 10-15 years, after every ten years spraying anti-corrosion coating, sheet life over 35 years

★ Beautiful, pressure plate clear lines of dozens of kinds of colors, can be matched with any style of the building takes

★ Insulation material commonly used are: polystyrene, polyurethane, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect.

★ Environmental noise prevention, composite board insulation strength up to 40-50 dB, is very effective sound insulation materials.

★ Strong plasticity sheet steel can be cut, enough to meet the special design needs.

★ High strength with high strength steel plate as a substrate, the tensile strength of 5600 ( kg/cm2 ), plus on the most advanced design and roll forming, and has excellent structural properties.