Flat Pack Container House

Product Details


* Color: white, blue, green or customized

* Material: light steel structure and color steel sandwich panel

* Life span: 30 years

* Series: General and Luxury

* Size: 6055mm*3000mm*2790mm;6055mm*2435mm*2790mm or customized

* Item: Frame, roof, ground, wall panel, windows, doors, electric system, drainage tray, edge decorative thread 

* MOQ: 1 set


* The use of high-quality steel welding corrugated outer masked, rugged, sealed, barracks has a good anti snow, wind performance.

* Insulation layer with excellent performance EPS noise insulation materials, used in conjunction with air conditioners, insulation in winter and summer heatstroke.

* The circuit design using a safety circuit, set the overload and leakage protection and grounding wire fully guarantee the safety of the occupants. Configuration: stay-room facilities, configured elegant writing desk, chair, wardrobe and Simmons bed.﹝ produced according to user needs, preparation of various facilities ﹞

* Walls using wood, PVC plate, color steel and other materials according to customers different thermal insulation, sound insulation requirements.

* The top of the wall, a bottom wall of the heat treatment are carried out, there are plastic flooring, wood flooring, ceramic tile, etc. for customers to choose;

* Bottom, top with a different lifting positions, meanwhile, has a direct articulated skid-mounted chassis, transport vehicles with winches, cranes can not directly barracks loaded on the train, very fast loading and unloading;

* The appearance of different colors do a reasonable, nice according to customer demand;

* The housing body with multiple anti-corrosion, long service life, all decoration materials and interior configurations to meet environmental requirements.