China Metal Pu Sandwich Roof Panel Supplier

Product Details


* Length: Customized

* Effective width Roof panel: 1000mm

* Materials: Color steel sheet and Polyurethane board(PU)

* Structure: Upper and lower layer: Color steel sheet ; Middle: Polyurethane board

* Thickness: Color steel sheet: 0.3-0.8mm; Polyurethane board: 50mm 75mm 100mm

* Polystyrene density: 40kg/m3

* Conventional color: Red, white, blue, silver.

* Lifetime: 20~30 years

* Characteristic: Low cost ,Low weight, heat insulation, retardant, soundproof, water resistant, environmental ,easy to install

* Application: Various roofs referring to the large size factory buildings, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums etc.


* Polyurethane roof using dark nail connection, close the lap board.

* Unique waterproof tank designed to effectively prevent rainwater infiltration and to avoid the phenomenon of cold bridges.

* 40mm wave height, greatly improve the bearing capacity of the roof. Building insulation effect in ensuring that, while customers reduce construction costs, the minimum roof slope of up to 3%.


* Thermal conductivity, low thermal conductivity of polyurethane sandwich composite panels, good insulation properties, is the best insulation material.

* Plate appearance, easy installation

* Polyurethane sandwich panel fire resistance

* Non-toxic and odorless polyurethane sandwich panels

* Use a wide temperature range

* Waterproof, moisture