Quick Assembly Beautiful Prefabricated House

Product Details

Prefabricated House  is a kind of light steel for the skeleton, to sandwich panels for the building envelope materials to standard modulus series of spatial composition, color steel activities room member with bolts, a new concept of environmentally friendly economic housing .


u  Fundamental frame: Main steel structure is made of steel Q235B, pillars are made of square tube or double C section steel, purlin is made section steel.

u  Roof, exterior wall and partition wall:

Roof sandwich panel: EPS panel or rock wool panel or other material that be commanded.

Wall sandwich panel: EPS panel or rock wool panel or other material that be commanded.

u  Roof Permitted loading: 0.5Kg/m3

u  Floor construction    Second floor---General room floor consist of 25mm plywood board+1.7mm floor leather

The floor of WC and bath room will be water proof teat by polyurethane

u  Floor permitted loading: 2.5KN/m3=250KG/m3

First floor----Construction ground covered with 1.7mm floor leather

u  Ceiling: PVC ceiling or gypsum board ceiling

u  Doors and windows 

Sandwich panel door: made of EPS sandwich panel, lock and keys include, aluminum door frame, hinges and all the installation fittings include.

PVC windows or aluminum window: 4mm single or double glass, sliding windows with fly screen aluminum window frame, hinges, edge cover and all the installation fittings include.

u  Steel stair

Main frame is made of “C” section steel 160*70*20*2.5

Hand rail is made of square tube 40*40*2.5mm

Step board is made of 3mm steel board

Pillar is “L” section steel 36*3



    Can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled.

    Temporary buildings, green energy, fast and efficient, a series development, integration, production, supply and support, can stock and can be used multiple times turnover.

    Attractive appearance, affordable, economical and practical.

    With anti-typhoon, earthquake resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation, moisture and other characteristics.

    Easy assembly and disassembly, installation time is short, especially for the needs of emergency projects.

    Housing light weight, a 5 tons truck can load 80M2 house full member, transportation convenient and save.