Welded H Steel Beam

Product Details


* Material: Steel

* Color: as your required or as RAL color

* Technique: Hot Rolled and Welded

* Grade: Q235 / Q345

* Length: as customized

* Thickness: 6-35mm or as customized

* Web Width: 100mm-700mm or as customized

* Flange Width: 100-408mm or as customized

* Web Thickness: 6-16mm or as customized

* Flange Thickness: 8mm - 64mm or as customized

* Application: Building


* Size (cross-sectional dimensions) wide range. Height, web and flange thickness, flange width according to customer requirements can choose steel welding adaptation. It can be used for variety of hot-rolled H-beam standard beyond.

* Select the steel variety. Hot-rolled H-shaped steel is mainly Q235B and Q345B, you need small quantities of special steel production plant impossible to produce. Steel can be welded can be selected according to need.

* High precision, good surface quality. Due to steel products of high precision, good surface quality, precision welding after so H is also high, surface quality stuff. Steel (for welding H-beam) has a thickness deviation is typically 0.0 millimeters to tenths of a millimeter, while the thickness of hot-rolled H-beam deviation is zero millimeters to 1 millimeter, a difference of nearly 10 times.

* Stable performance, good internal organization. Because from the smelting to casting to rolling, hot-rolled H-beam steel production than the technological requirements, equipment capacity, control level, high detection means, and therefore the internal organization of H-beam welding, chemical composition, various properties (mechanical properties, process performance, etc.) indicators are reliable and stable.

* The presence of welding defects easily. Despite these many advantages, but due to welding forming, welding residual thermal stress exists in the welding area, different welding area organizations, the presence of tissue stress, easy to produce welding defects. With the welding and heat treatment level has improved continuously, gradually reduce these negative aspects, and now high-quality H-beam welding has been used in a variety of areas, including military, aerospace, including.


* The cross-sectional dimension of high precision thanks to high-quality steel coil, after a cross-sectional shape precision welding fine, make the structure easier assembly.

* Excellent performance than the cross-sectional thickness of the flange plate and the web can be increased, compared with the rolled steel at the same weight can be made greater bending performance, higher performance of member cross-section; the cross section of the same performance , member lighter.

* The cross-sectional dimensions can be customized extensive use of the case, that can be specified by the user-sectional dimension of production.

* The performance of welded parts uniform microstructure web material and organizational flange plate material uniformly mix.